1927 Special Act – Ammendment to 1927 Charter1927 Special Act Incorporating1927 Ultilities1929-10 Livestock in Street
1954-06 Beverage Sales on Sunday1967-100 Beverage1967-101_Alcohol Beverage Vendors1968_Cigarette Tax
1968-01 Procedures1968-02 Procedures1968-03 Water System Regulations1968-04 Water System Rates
1969 Water System Rates1969 Water System Revenue1973-05 Mills for AdValorem Tax1975-06 Southern Standard Building Code Adopted
1979 Funding Agreement Comprehensive Planning1979-07 Comprehensive Planning1981-08 Comprehensive Planning1982-102 Water System Rates
1984-09 Utilities1984-10 Land1984-11 Budget1985-12 Social Security Acts
1987-01 Emergency Ordinance1987-14 Building Codes1987-14 Notice of Enactment Building Codes1987-15 Solid Waste Disposal
1989-16 Water System Fees1990-17 Charter1990-19 Cross Connections and Backflow1990-20 Equal Housing
1991-21 Personnel Policies1991-22 Comprehensive Planning1992-23 Nuisance1992-24 Personnel Policies
1992-25 Fair Housing1992-26 Annexation1992-26 Annexation Exhibits1993-27 Comprehensive Planning
1995-1 Water System Fees1995-2 Building Codes1995-3 Annexation1996-1 Elections
1996-2 Meetings1996-3 Comprehensive Planning1996-4 Mobile Homes1997- Land Development Regulations
1997-1 Comprehensive Planning1998-2 Annexation1999-6 Water System Fees2001-01 Water System Fees
2002-01 Elections2003-01 Telecommunications Facilities2003-02 Water System Fees2003-03 Telecommunications Facilities
2004-01 Elections2005-01 UTILITIES2005-02 Comprehensive Planning2005-03 Water Hook-Up Requirement
2005-04 Water System Fees2006-01 Land Development2006-02 Comprehensive Water System2007-01 Land Use and Development
2007-02 Flood Damage Protection2007-03 Comprehensive Planning2007-04 Senior Property Tax Exemption2008-01 Amendment to Future Land Use, Conservation and Housing Elements of the Comprehensive Plan
2008-02 Code Enforcement2008-03 Land Use Amendment2008-04 Animal Control2008-05 Comprehensive Plan Amendment
2008-06 Ratified and Re-enacted LDR2009-01 Transportation Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation2009-02 Billing and Collection Procedures for Water and Garbage2009-03 Additional Definition for LDRs
2010 Ratified and Re-enacted LDR2010-01 Sale of Alcoholic Beverages2010-02 Ordinance Ratifying and Re-enacting LDRs2010-03 Public Meetings
2010-04 Ordinance Amending Transportation Concurrency2011-01 Comprehensive Plan2012-01 Capital Improvement2013-01 Comprehensive plan
2013-02 Zoning2013-03 Marianna Franchise8-12-2008 DCA Settlement Agreement