“Lets Go Fly A Kite”

Saturday Morning March 25, 2017   Greenwood Town Park

“UP, UP, Look UP” What was it?

It has 40 tails and can fly high and reach the sky.

Some go straight and some spin, dive and fall. Others strain to pull free of youngsters holding tight.

Each sports its own design: swiggles, rainbows, and multi colored lines, hearts of red and hearts of white, a dog with a bone too big to bite.  Messages of: “Love You Mom” and “Let’s go have fun.”

If you follow the string, you will find all sorts of things.


It was Greenwood’s First Annual “Let’s Go Fly A Kite Day”

Approximately forty of Greenwood’s youngsters received free kite kits. Moms, Dads, and Town volunteers helped each child decorate and then build their kite. The wide open field on the west side of Coulliette Street provided youngsters a wide open and safe place to earn their wings. Greenwood’s own WWII pilot was seen out on the field on his scooter offering expert advise on how to keep their kites aloft.

The sky was filled at times with as many as a dozen kites. The air was filled with shouts and laughter as well as distress calls for help. Mother Nature put on a show as well, cloud cover and just the right gentle breezes with the occasional gust of wind to test skills.

Adults were able to stroll down Coulliette Street and visit with friends, family and neighbors as they snacked on hot dogs, chili, ice cream, sweet stuff and the ever popular boiled peanuts. Water for both the body and spirit were available as well as a booth offering literature on Florida’s “Healthy Kids” program. It was possible to find a handmade bracelet for your new Easter outfit or just relax and watch the kites fly high and remember when you held that string and felt the tug of flight in your hands.

All in all it was a wonderful, fun, light hearted day in The Greenwood Park. Thank you to all who worked so hard and took part.  What is next?


Christmas Social

On December 16th the Town of Greenwood resurrected the Annual Christmas Social.  It was well received and greatly missed.  It was a great way to celebrate the past year and get together with old friends.  We all hope to see you again next year and  many years to come.






Kathryn Mickel Proclamation

On October 31, 2016 the Town of Greenwood lost a very valued member of our community. Mrs. Kathryn Mickel was honored by the Florida League of Cities on December 13, 2016. Please take a few moments to read the Proclamation that was given to her family as a tribute to her service to the Town of Greenwood.